Who Are We?

#StrongGirls is a co-curricular leadership development initiative started by the Keitt Institute, a non-profit organization committed to helping people develop socially and emotionally. This eight hour training program helps teens develop self-awareness, self-management skills, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision making skills.

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Your nominees will be invited to support you as you give your final presentation so that they can get a better idea of what the #StrongGirls program is all about.

Nominations close on October 23, 2020.

Training the next generation of socially and emotionally intelligent leaders.

We have had 461 students graduate our #StrongGirls program to date.

By the end of our program students increase their self-awareness, responsible decision making, goal-setting, and relationship building skills.


Increase in graduates’ ability to explain how their emotions develop.


Increase in graduates’ ability to understand their personality.


Increase in graduates’ ability to create strategies that help them better relate to other people


Increase in graduates’ emotional coping mechanisms during times of stress.


Increase in graduates’ ability to craft self-care goals that holistically address their needs.


Increase in graduates’ ability to evaluate the impact of their thoughts on the emotions they feel.

Your Support Is Needed

Investing in women and girls has the biggest return.

According to the World Bank, “the biggest returns will come from educating and nurturing girls, empowering women, and ensuring that social safety nets increase their resilience.”